Employees’ Productivity

Workforce Transformation

Welcome to the modern workplace - a space that transcends physical boundaries, extending the places that we can work well beyond our office. Powered by wireless technology, powerful PCs, mobile laptops, collaborative software, and a whole new way of thinking about work, the workplace has been revolutionized.

Say goodbye to cubicles, because today’s employees are getting work done from their desks, meeting rooms, out in the field, and even overseas.

Now that’s the power of workforce transformation.


60% of people work after the office closes


2/3 of the modern workforce now work from home


82% of the workforce says that the right technology is a deciding factor in deciding where to work


62% of millennials think technology will make face-to-face interactions obsolete


72% of millennials expect to work in smart offices in the near future

The perfect device, for every worker.

What does this mean for businesses who want to stay ahead, attract top talent, and boost productivity – while making employees happier? Businesses need to arm the right employee, with a desktop or laptop that perfect suits their working style and environment. To do so, you’ll need to identify which of these employees are in your business:

Each of these workers has their own unique set of needs, and we have the perfect desktop or laptop for everyone.