Employees’ Productivity


There's a perfect PC for every worker, based on their unique working style, preference, and requirements. Matchmake the right device, with the right person, for a match made in productivity heaven.

Desk-Centric Employees

At your desk, you're a productivity monster. Because you spend your best hours there, you need a comfortable, uncluttered workspace - with a compact PC that leaves lots of room for good ergonomics and has plenty of power under its hood for high-speed processing.

Corridor Warriors

Most of your days are spent in meeting rooms, and zipping between multiple locations in the office. You can set up a workspace anywhere, and everywhere. Your laptop of choice is lightweight, network connected, and has outstanding battery life.

On-The-Go Pros

You travel to wherever work calls for you, and may spend entire days out of the office. Out in the field, your preferred laptop must be as rugged as it is light, offer premium performance, and have enough juice to go all day on a single charge.

Remote Workers

As the team member who works outside of the office, your needs are unique. You desire a versatile laptop that's as versatile and reliable as you - with seamless, secure, and speedy connectivity to ensure perfect video and voice communication with your colleagues.

Specialized Workers

Your work requires powerful, performance-intensive PCs running specialized software applications that enable you to design, create, and deliver award-winning work. For the world-class work you're doing, second best simply isn't an option.