Latitude 3000 Series 3480

The Latitude 3480 gives all-in security, manageability and reliability for effective results, every day.

  • Better performance from Intel® 7th Gen Core™ Processors

  • Enhanced viewing angles on a 14.0' display

  • Integrated legacy ports – go dongle-free

* Price and Availability are subjective

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* Price and Availability are subjective

At a Glance

Easy-to-use, no fuss devices that shine at home, at the office, and everywhere else.

Remote Worker

  • Data Input Execs
  • Claims Execs
  • Event Managers
  • Sales Professionals

Core Focus

  • Ease of collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

You’ll love

  • Connectivity
  • Access
  • Security

Intel® 7th Gen CoreProcessor Benefits

The Intel® 7th Gen CoreProcessors are all about power and speed.
Experience up to 58% faster system performance vs an older PC, enhanced responsiveness on
everyday tasks with Intel® Optanememory, and rapid wakeup times.

  • 14nm refresh of Intel® 6th Gen Core Processors, Intel® 7th Gen Core Processors

  • 58% faster system performance and 2.5x battery life vs 5 year old PC

  • Responsiveness

  • Wakes up in <3000ms with Modern Standby

  • Up to 12% better responsiveness on everyday tasks (browsing, email) with Intel® Optanememory

  • Double digit performance gain vs. previous Intel processors

Windows 10 + Intel Better Together
with Dell Advantage

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Intel® Technology

  • Low-Power to high performance Intel® vPro
  • Pro Wireless, Wireless Gigabit
  • Intel Virtualization
  • Technology
  • TPM 2.0 with Attestation
  • Secure Key