Desk-Centric Employees

At your desk, you're a productivity monster. Because you spend your best hours there, you need a comfortable, uncluttered workspace - with a compact PC that leaves lots of room for good ergonomics and has plenty of power under its hood for high-speed processing.


Most desktop users spend over 4 hours per day on their desktop


61% of organizations see productivity go up when users are given micro PCs


Multiple computer screens can boost productivity by up to 50%

Based on the unique needs of Desk-Centric Employees, we are delighted to present a selection of powerful, ergonomically-friendly PCs that will give deskbound professionals everything you need to get work done at a neat, uncluttered, and productivity-focused desk.

Intel® Core Processors

The Intel® Core™ Processors are all about power and speed. Experience up to 58% faster system performance vs an older PC, enhanced responsiveness on everyday tasks with Intel® Optane™ memory, and rapid wakeup times.

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