60% of people work after the office closes


2/3 of the modern workforce now work from home


82% of the workforce says that the right technology is a deciding factor in deciding where to work


62% of millennials think technology will make face-to-face interactions obsolete


72% of millennials expect to work in smart offices in the near future

Spotlight on Southeast Asia

Workforce transformation in Southeast Asia will allow employees to deliver in a complex IT environment

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Endpoint Security

"If employees feel like getting access to an app or piece of data is a hindrance or that a secure app is cumbersome, they'll actively look for alternatives from other sources and circumvent the security process."

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The security case for new workplace technologies: Strong security embedded at the hardware level, and improved techniques for better management of complex IT environments.

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Transformation Stories

Enabling great communities. Empowering businesses.

Loop is an advocate of remote working and co-working to enable communities to connect, collaborate and work from anywhere in the world. Hear from CEO and co-founder Chi Tran as he shares how new workforce technologies enable communities and empower businesses.

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EInspiring and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators

Learn how Dell and distributor Megaplus worked together with the Higher Education Department of Punjab, to use technology to impact how youths learn, work and interact with the world, to bridge the digital divide in Pakistan.

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